Frequency Renewable Energy Chain

A New Smart Green Blockchain-based Marketplace for Global Renewable Energy Industry.

We would call proof of work a great carbon emitter, there are carbon-controlled technology in blockchain which works based on renewable energy but the major pressing factor is “THE PROPER ACCOUNTABILITY”. Even if some of the nodes run on RENEWAL ENERGY they are not accounted and properly rewarded. Majorly don’t promote a greener future in their actual operation, rather only promoted through their applied operations.

With the tagline of “Align The FREQUENCY by FREQUENCY”, we’ve conceptualized “FREQUENCY CHAIN” an exclusive BLOCKCHAIN fully operated with renewable energy & will act as a first ever GREEN BLOCKCHAIN for the global renewable energy industry.

FREQUENCY CHAIN adopts “Proof-of-Stake” (PoS) which was specially invented to eliminate the massive energy costs of a Proof-of-Work network. PoS is infinitely more efficient & opens the door to a wider array of techniques that use game-theoretic mechanism design in order to better discourage centralized cartels from forming. PoS network achieves scalability by establishing a consensus before blocks are constructed, which allows for the processing of thousands of requests per second with less than a millisecond latency spike. PoS blockchains, unlike PoW blockchains, do not limit who can propose blocks based on energy usage & acts as a great energy efficient mining blocks. Additionally, you don’t need top-of-the-line technology to create new blocks. Proof-of-stake results in the network having more nodes. More nodes in a network help develop governance norms that provide a stronger immunity to centralization. In PoS systems, this is made possible by a higher degree of hardware independence. As a result, proof-of-stake is frequently seen as the consensus algorithm least likely to lead to network centralization.


Frequency Chain, through its RE Validating system, would never allow its users to issue any FAKE COINS/TOKENS for any Scams.

The RE Power Generator (G), when implementing the Frequency Chain built ERP, will become a Certified Power supplier/provider as he cannot artificially boost up the Prices and bring volatility into the Energy market on his own.

The Frequency Chain Mining Validator would run a Periodical Assessment on the project through dedicated Third-Party service provider, on Smart Contracts.

The RE Power Generators, can bring out NFTs on Frequency Chain, of their Solar farms, EV Products and later on trade them on Metaverse.

Frequency Chain would be running its own Power Trading Exchange, where all the RE Power Generators/sellers/purchasers can Trade their Power stocks and requirements.
Frequency Chain would be running its own Digital Exchange, where preference would be offered to RE Companies, Green Tokens and other RE Echo systems allied companies.

Frequency chain can and will monitor all the RE Industry participants and together we will travel Towards NET ZERO / EMISSION FREE GREENER TOMORROW.


Frequency Chain is a futuristic Blockchain mechanism for creating trusted data in the renewable energy industry business operation, literally a block of bridge between Power Generator (G) – Power Distributor (D) – Power Consumer (C).

FreC is its native Token.

As an initiation FreC adopts ERC20 which is integrated with Polygon Mainnet.

Token Name:  Frequency

Token Ticker:  FreC

Decimals:  18

Token Contract Address: Click to Copy



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Merchant Panel- Token Utility E-commerce Panel (Integrated With FreC)


TGPS Ride TGPS Owned Blockchain “FREQUENCY CHAIN” Energy Trading Platform in FREQUENCY CHAIN protocol


NFT Marketplace Metawatts in Metaverse

Global Strategic Alliances
We Collaborate Only With The Best

Global strategic alliances offer incredible new opportunities for businesses of any size. Companies with shared Goals form the best partners in promoting their Vision globally. We recognizes that such collective branding allows each other’s resources to maximize the reach of their vision and mission.

Therefore, in order to achieve the declared Goals faster, to expand the customer bases wider & to achieve a greater level of innovation, to emphasize a positive brand image, to ease the financial burdens, to improve the international supply chain movements and to expand the networking opportunities, We have signed up agreements with our below international partners:

Thai Green Power Solutions

“The extent of future climate change depends on what we do now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”