Frequency Green Chain

Frequency that’s going to FreC out the Crypto World

There have been many attempts in the past for monetizing the hot concept such as ‘Renewable Energy, ‘Global Warming’, ‘Carbon Reduction’, ‘Green tokens’ and so on. Well, they have all got a purpose of their choice and went ahead in announcing about their Crypto token launches.

The purpose or the intention of such attempts have got them their due rewards in very few genuine cases and drawn flak in most of them. However, the wheel of conceptualization and capitalization keeps rotating time and again towards dominance on this race for recognition.

The world, despite its triumphant survival over the millennia, deserves still better care, the one that could encapsulate all its players to exhibit a fair game plan in their attempts. The lineage connectivity links everyone involved together with an expectation of responsibility over their actions in relation to their impacts exerted on a similar or parallel projects.

On a fair game plan, what one would expect is nothing but an ethical and equal treatment offered to each participant. This certainly would hold the Trust Factor as the ‘Prima Facie’, in anything attempted to prove. When the same genuineness is verified, applied and put in motion to the entire echo system, we are evolved with a system that can stand tall and vouch for what it propagates and exhibits.

Frequency Chain is one of its kind that is being released to the public encapsulating the entire Echo System of the Renewable Energy Industry. Here each and every participant are treated with equal rights of genuineness, given equal rights of evaluation, and certified as a dependable player in the Renewable energy Industry.

To achieve this, Frequency Chain has been building an architectural plate form on ERC20 standards, eliminating the hurdles that prevented or delayed the fair processes. It has adopted a verifying system right in its core structure that allows only the genuine players who work 100% on renewable energy.

By mere adopting this Frequency Chain, makes the user, developer and the industry to travel on a trajectory that benefits each of them in equal measures in proportion to their level of participation.

The wavelength offered by Frequency Chain would be not less than 2,00,000 TPS, with a near ‘Zero’ gas fee, which makes it a very dominant force to reckon with.

The Frequency Chain had launched their very first ICO on 14th April 2022 with its native Token ‘FreC’. comes with a very attractive launch offer of 30% to start with. Having exhausted its Pre-Sale of 4.5 million tokens the ‘FreC’ Tokenomics has a maximum supply of only 420 million tokens.

With a very limited maximum supply but with an unlimited potential usage, Version 1.0 of ‘Frequency Chain’ definitely going to be a Game changer in the Green Energy industry echo system.

The Frequency chain, Version 1.0, which is being released to the Renewable Energy Industry has a wholesome coverage of the entire renewable energy Industry, which brings forth along with enormous advantages to the clients, general public, financial sectors, and future technology sectors and the Governments around. The Version 2.0 would be covering the future and evolving transformations and technologies.

Written by: Krishnamoorthy Vincent

TETS Pvt Ltd., INDIA, The Global Promoter of Frequency Chain

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