Our Strategy and Project Plan


Milestones achieved

First Quarter – Started moving
• TGPS - TETS First ever Investor's Meet launched at TAJ Hotel, Tamilnadu, India
• I.T. Office Opened at TIDEL PARK - ELCOSEZ, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India
• Company received its MSME Certificate from Government
Second Quarter – Recognitions
• MEPZ - Union Govt.'s approval for I.T. Office at TIDEL Park, India
• Rcvd. iCAT Certifcate from GOVT. received for Electric Two Wheeler
• NDA signed with OKE, Mumbai, India for Lithium iON Battery Designs
• Negotiations commenced with Bangalore based Indian company for EV Charge Ports development
Third Quarter – TECH Adoption
• Block chain adoption into TGPS Operations finalized
• FIVE Phases of TECH adoption have been Derived and Finalized
• The Solar Division of TGPS (Earlier CPG Power systems) has been Commenced
• Had a fruitful meeting with NTPC - National Thermal Power Corporation of India, Neyveli, through Indian Promotor TETS Pvt Ltd.,
Fourth Quarter – TETS Corporate
• TGPS Social Media marketing contract signed/work commenced
• Block Chain Project Integration commenced through 3rd Party


Road Map laid ahead

First Quarter- 1st Overseas Co
• First PHASE of Blockchain Integration Project work commenced through TETS I.T.
• Affiliate marketing works commenced on Social Media through TETS I.T.
• R&D development program for FREE ENERGY commenced through TETS I.T.
Second Quarter – TGPS ICO Launch
• TGPS Pre-sale of Tokns end with 2nd Quarter and Affiliate started
• ICO has been Launched under TGPS and TETS PrivateLimited, India was given its overall Global marketing activities
• Referral marketing was Launched on both Centralized & De-centralized Blockchain contracts
• Second Phase of DEFI Development on Blockchain Discussion to commence
Third Quarter – 2nd Overseas Co.
• ICO Pre-Sale of FREQ Tokens ends and the Listing at Global Crypto Exchange process completed
• Staking of FREQ Tokens starts along with the real time TRADING
• Development works on DEFI under Phase II work commences
• Registration process of TGPS’ MettaWatt at UAE’s DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodity Center) to be commenced
Fourth Quarter – 10MG Solar Plant
• Affiliate & Global Social medial marketing of FREQ DeFi swings into action.
• Discussion to commence on Phase II of developing own Blockchain (FREQUENCY CHAIN)
• Opening of TETS’ MettaWatt at UAE’s DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodity Center) scheduled
• Mobilization works to commence for 10 MG Solar Power Plant, in India through TETS Private Limited


Road Map laid ahead

First Quarter- FREQUENCY Chain
• Test Run of FREQUENCY CHAIN through MettaWatt Dubai Company
• Testing & Launching of MettaWatt Trading Platform at Dubai's DMCC
• TETS Affiliate marketing works commenced on MettaWatt Trading Platform
• Phase IV discussion to commence on Metaverse at MettaWatt Co., Dubai
Second Quarter – TGPS goes Meta
• Development work commences on Metaverse Platform under Phase IV of Blockchain Integration
• Affiliate marketing on Social & Main Print Media gets into action
• NFT to get developed under Frequency Chain for marketing
• 10MG Solar Power Plant work / EV Charge Port Installations and EV Two Wheeler Assemblies to be commenced
Third Quarter – 3rd Overseas Co.
• Registration of TGPS FINTECH Company at DMCC, Dubai, UAE
• Phase IV Development works on Metaverse continues
• NFT & Meta Projects get commenced on Frequency Chain
• Discussion to commence on Phase V for Green Blockchain
• ERP Development on Frequency Chain to commence
Fourth Quarter – ERP on Green Blockchain
• ERP Development work commences to cover entire RE Industry on Green Blockchain
• Affiliate & Main Frame print media goes full swing on very first ERP for RE Industry
• Electricity production starts at our 10 MG Solar Power Plant
• IT Development Team gets ready for TEST RUN of ERP on Green Blockchain FREQUENCY


Road Map laid ahead

First Quarter – Green ERP for RE Industry
• Test Run of ERP Commences on Green Blockchain for RE Industries
• Echo System BETA Version of Green ERP is launched and used at various Geographical locations
• Bugs Fixing on GREEN ERP to be completed within this March
• Affiliate marketing on Social & Main Print Media gets into action
Second Quarter – Marketing Revamp
• Complete marketing revamping to cover comprehensively all the products of TGPS global promoter, TETS Pvt Ltd. India
• Both real time projects as well as on the Blockchain enabled projects to be overhauled
• Affiliate marketing on Social & Main Print Media continues
• Financial Assistance for Solar Power Plant establishment to commence through TGPS FinTech
Third Quarter – TGPS, EV-Cars
• Activities to be studied and implemented for keeping TGPS’ FREQ Token listed in all major global Crypto Exchanges
• Feasibility Study on EV-Cars to be commenced with all stakeholders & Supply chain Cos
• Testing & Certification of E-Four wheeler to continue
• Feasibility Study commences for the next 10 MG Solar Power Plant in India through TETS Private Limited
Fourth Quarter – FREQ Token Appreciation
• All the activities of TGPS are geared up to drive up the Share Token Value on the Exchange
• Test running / marketing / dealership processes to commence
• Plans to be finalized for establishing the 2ns 10MG Plant
• Marketing activities on STAKING, NFT, LENDING, METAVERSE to go on full swing.


Road Map laid ahead

First Quarter – Launching New Company
• TGPS & TETS I.T. wing floats a JV Company in INDIA for exclusive handling of TGPS Blockchain based ERP
• The Head Quarters of this JV Company will be eventually moved to Silicon Valley, California, USA
• Serious Plans to be drawn & finalized for 1 GW Power Plant Production and marketing of Electric Two Wheelers & four Wheelers to be streamlined
Second Quarter – Launching New Company
• TGPS & TETSOL, the Solar Division of TETS Pvt Ltd., will jointly be launching a JV company exclusively for Solar promotion in Indian Markets
• R & D works to be commenced on POWER SHARING Business Model
• 1 GW Power Plant's land clearances to be completed in India
• All approval documentations to be completed with Government of India on the 1GW Solar Power Plant
Third Quarter – Launching New Company
• TGPS & TETSTECH, the EV Division of TETS Pvt Ltd will jointly be floating a JV company exclusively for Electric Vehicle production.
• Exporting of EV Two Wheelers to commence from this Quarter
• An R&D Division will be launched for I.T. Activities at TGPS & TETS, India
• The I.T. Academy to be launched for training the new hires and for overall Staff Training purposes
Fourth Quarter – TGPS at United Nations
• Report on CARBON REDUCTION achieved so far by TGPS & TETS India will be submitted to UN
• CARBON CREDIT & CARBON Trading functions to incorporated
• TETS Pvt Ltd., will be registered as a PUBLIC LIMITED Co in INDIA with an IPO issue
• 1 GW Solar Power Plant installation works to commence at India through TETS Public Limited.